Edward P. Day Award


Purpose:  To recognize significant citizenship and community service contributions of a resident of Dunn Loring Woods that emulate the commendable and memorial example set by Edward P. Day during his many years of residence in, and vigorous support of, our community and its citizens.

  • 2005 Elfie Herlihy
  • 2006 Penny Demo
  • 2007 Ken Quincy
  • 2008 Jerry Shelton
  • 2009 Melvin Rose
  • 2010 Robert Federico
  • 2011 Barry Schwartz
  • 2012 no candidate
  • 2013 Pat Stout
  • 2014 Kathy Arpa

Qualifications of Nominee:  Potential Awardees shall be nominated in writing to the Board of Directors.  Nominees shall be, or shall have been, a resident of Dunn Loring Woods during the period of service on which the nomination is based.  Nominations will be accepted for two or more persons who cooperate in a single commendable contribution. Posthumous nominations will be accepted.

Selection Criteria:  
Selection criteria to guide the deliberations of the Selection Committee shall be initially approved by, and when appropriate, subsequently amended by the Board of Directors.  It is intended that the selection criteria and the name(s) of awardees be published prominently on a separate page of each future Directory of the Association. 

·        Nominees will be selected by applying one or more of the following unweighted criteria: Demonstrated leadership in and significant non-monetary contributions to activities that benefit Dunn Loring Woods; 

·        Presents a commendable role model of citizenship for other residents and youth of Dunn Loring Woods; 

·        May be awarded for a continuing significant contribution(s) or an exemplary single action or activity having a major impact on the Dunn Loring Woods community;                                                                                                         

·        Contributions may be considered which benefit the wider Dunn Loring Woods community, e.g. Pool, District Council, Federation, Fraternal Organizations, youth service organizations, a political party (ies), religious entities, etc.   

·        May not be awarded for paid services or contributions/services as an elected or appointed official of any governmental or quasi-governmental entity.

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