Neighborhood Watch


To Report Crime call: 911 (Emergency)   703-691-2131 (Non-Emergency)

Neighborhood Watch is most important to DLW in helping to deter crime and ensure the safety of residents and their homes.  The police depend on Neighborhood Watch programs in carrying out their protective duties.  Our Neighborhood Watch coordinator, Mark Hann, needs volunteers for the program.  It doesn’t take much time and is a valuable contribution to the DLW community.  Please contact Mark at 703-489-9463 or for information and to sign up. 

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National Neighborhood Watch Organization
Virginia Emergency Management Neighborhood Watch 
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2013 Serious Crime Up, Homicide Down

Each year, there are more than five million home burglaries in the United States. Nine out of ten of these are preventable. The majority of burglaries occur during the daytime when most people are away at work or school and most are crimes of opportunity. Criminals prefer to break into homes that are easily accessible and stay away from homes that have more secure prevention measures in place. Most burglars give up and move on if they cannot gain access in a few minutes. There are many things you can do, both individually and in conjunction with your neighbors, to lower the risk of your home being burglarized. If you need more assistance, please contact your local district police station to schedule a free home security check.

Burglary Prevention Tips

1. Lock all your doors.
2. Lock all your windows and patio doors.
3 Be sure your valuables are not visible from outside.
4. Illuminate your property.
5. Keep shrubbery around your residence trimmed and low.
6. Be aware of unfamiliar persons loitering in the neighborhood.
7. Consider placing your lights and TV’s on timers.
8. Consider placing alarm monitoring signs in your windows.
9. Have a trusted neighbor check on your home when away on vacation.
10. Make your residence look occupied.
11. Immediately report crimes or suspicious activities.