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The Lantern December 2022

The Lantern

Dunn Loring Woods Civic Association December 2022


Volunteer Appreciation

Jo Ann Donnelly

I would like to thank all the members of the community who deliver The Lantern. Neither rain, snow, nor darkness keeps you from your job. Thank you to:

Tiffany Chappa

Beverly Finnell

Grace Westreich (delivers two routes!)

Mary Ann Gallagher

Ana Cainelli

Anya Piazza

Courtney Peksens

Darla Haney

Bill Burke

Becky Perez

Diane Ahlers

Rachel Thompson

Dorothy Mooney

Sharon & Richard Puckett

Jessica Brewer

Ciindi Stout

Trisha McCarthy

Zina Bielsker

Leon & Kathleen Rubis

Jim Milosavich

Joel Greene

Ken Quincy

Mary wheeler

James Kepler

Allison King

Tanya Ratner

Inge Kummer

We do have some routes open. It is good exercise, and I try to get the copies to you in good weather. If you want to help, please call!

Again, thank you, volunteers!

(Webmaster's note: please consult the paper Lantern for Jo Ann's phone number, which is

not reproduced here for her privacy.)


Holiday Decoration Contest

Our annual holiday decoration contest is here, with prizes for the top three vote-getters! Break out your lights and trimmings, and let’s make this the most well-decorated holiday season Dunn Loring Woods has ever seen.

Take a walk around the community to spread some cheer and enjoy your neighbors’ holiday spirit. Then vote for your favorite, by home address, at The voting deadline is Sunday, December 18. Watch for details on our winners in the next issue, and have a wonderful holiday season!


New Elementary School

[via Dunn Loring Improvement Association]

The old elementary school building at the corner of Gallows and Idylwood Roads, which has been used as a school administrative center for several years, is going to be replaced with a new school.

The plan is to tear down the current building and replace it with a 900 student elementary school. The new building will be built on the existing soccer field (currently used by Vienna Youth Soccer). The proposed new school will be three stories with two new school play fields located where the old building is now. The new Kiss & Ride entrance will be located on Idylwood, directly across from Greenbrier Way, and the bus entrance will be 50 feet further west (towards Cedar Lane). Parking spaces will be reduced from existing 200 to 121 spaces.

Clearly this will mean redistricting, which will be addressed when construction begins.


Be a Good Neighbor

When the weather is windy, please ensure that your trash and recycling are secure. It’s never fun to clean up someone else’s loose cardboard or yard waste from one’s own yard. Thanks!



President—Steve Bergeron

1st Vice President—Iman Butler

2nd Vice President—Frank Piazza

Treasurer—Steve Dirkse

Secretary—Rae Schoffstall

Director (1 year)—Jo Ann Donnelly

Director (2 years)—Eleanor McCann

Director (3 years)—Ken Quincy


Neighborhood Watch—Adam Nowaczyk

Membership Chair—Aric Campling

Island Care Chair—Jo Ann Donnelly

Hospitality—Jo Ann Donnelly

Editor, The Lantern—Wendy Lieberman Taylor

Lantern Distribution Coordinator—Jo Ann Donnelly


Please send submissions, ideas for articles, and photos to The deadline for our next issue is December 30.


You can contact the Webmaster at With comments, suggestions, and questions. Thank you!

Your Local, Friendly DLWCA Webmaster

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