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DLWCA Membership Meeting

From Nathan Anthony

Our next in-person neighborhood civic association meeting is next Wed, May 22 at 7:30PM in the cafeteria at Stenwood Elementary School. We ask that neighbors please come and participate.

Our guest speaker will be a representative from Longs Plumbing ( Some of our neighbors are starting to have issues with their water and sewer pipes failing due to age and buildup. Longs has done some of the service work for those home owners. Many of us also get the advertisements to participate in the Dominion Energy sponsored warranty programs that cover water and sewer pipe issues. Longs is one of pluming companies that participates in that program. They are also one of the limited number of bonded companies approved by Fairfax county to do full sewer replacement under our streets. 

Longs is coming to discuss and help answer questions around preventative maintenance and options for part or full replacement. Some topics might include how to tell when the pipes are starting to fail, what preventative cleaning and inspection actions are helpful, what actions may cause more damage, and when could trenchless techniques be used instead of digging up the street in the case of pipe failure, etc. They can also talk to how the warranty programs work and what typically is and is not covered.

Please join us.

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