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The Lantern July 2024

The Lantern

Dunn Loring Woods Civic Association July 2024


Fall Membership Meeting

Iman Butler

Our annual Fall Membership Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 24, beginning at 7:30 pm and will take place at Stenwood Elementary School.

Please mark this date on your calendar and keep an eye on our website for confirmation.


DLWCA Volunteer Opportunities

Iman Butler

Open DLWCA Board Positions

The DLWCA Board is looking for volunteers to serve as board President, board Vice-President, and Board Director. If you would like to volunteer for one of these important roles, please reach out to vice president Iman Butler or to director Ken Quincy.


Director of Website and Communications

We are looking for a student to serve in the newly-created role of Director of Website and Communications for the DLWCA. Core responsibilities include maintaining the association website and editing and publishing our digital monthly newsletter to the website and to the DLW-Talk email list. This is an opportunity to help set our communications strategy, to better use social media platforms and communicate with our members.

The student should live in Dunn Loring Woods. If interested, please contact Iman Butler, or Treasurer  Frank Gallagher.


Other Volunteer Opportunities

We still have volunteer openings for a Neighborhood Watch coordinator and a community Yard Sale coordinator. In addition, all volunteer teams can use your support. For more information about our volunteer teams, please refer to the back of your pink or blue membership drive forms, your Neighborhood Directory, or contact

Contact info for Iman Butler and Ken Quincy can be found at the end of the newsletter.


DLWCA Scholarship

Ken Quincy

The DLWCA Scholarship Program has been a longstanding valuable pursuit to recognize qualified DLW residents for their educational and community efforts.  The program is currently under review with the goal of making it more applicable in current times.  In this regard, community input is being asked for.   Following are the current criteria for eligibility to participate in the program.  We are asking for your review and comments on these criteria.

Please send your responses to Ken Quincy at

We thank you for your participation to maintain and improve this valuable community program.

Children and grandchildren currently living with a DLW resident are eligible to apply  for a $1,000 DLWCA scholarship.  Applicants should be a high school senior planning to attend college full time in the Fall or to pursue a vocational education such as through a trade school.

Applicants should provide the following:

· Written recommendation or character reference from a teacher, counselor or member of the DLW community.

·  Copies of entrance examination scores, if applicable.

·  List of awards, achievements and/or community service activities not to exceed one page.

· Photograph of applicant.

· One page statement describing something applicant has done in the past year that benefited the DLW community.

The top five candidates may be invited for an interview. Winners will be featured in The Lantern and on the DLWCA website.

Applications should be mailed to:  DLWCA

Attention: Scholarship Committee

P.O. Box 238

Dunn Loring, VA  22027


Long’s Corporation Discusses Aging Pipes in Dunn Loring Woods

Nate Anthony

Theresa Dagenhart, VP at Long's Corporation, was our guest speaker for our most recent in-person civic association meeting in May, joined by one of her senior employees. They were invited after several of our neighbors faced issues with broken or backed up water and sewer pipes. Long’s is one of the service providers in the Homeserve insurance network program offered by Dominion Energy and one of the few providers bonded and approved by Fairfax county to do repair work that extends to under the street.

Long's is a multi-generation, women-owned small business. Having grown up in the area, Theresa and her company’s plumbers are very familiar with the houses in our neighborhood and the pipe materials used, including the old Orangeburg sewer lines. Many neighbors in attendance spoke positively about their past interactions with the company.

The session lasted nearly an hour, due to the many questions from our neighbors. One popular question: is it worthwhile to enroll in the Dominion Energy Homeserve insurance program? They indicated that it was very valuable to enroll. While the company first tries to repair vs. replace, those costs most likely will far exceed what you pay for the program.

Through the program you are also able to request specific service providers, you can "ask for Long's." We discussed the different business models of companies and that many plumbers are paid on a commission model for services, which can lead to unnecessary recommendations. Long's staff members are salaried to mitigate this risk to homeowners.

Many of the questions were on the life expectancy of our existing pipes. For water, we have responsibility to the water meter. In Fairfax County, for sewer, we have responsibility to repair any issues all the way to where our home sewer line connects with the mainline in the street. This can result in costly repair bills if the line has failed. For many houses our sewer lines are approaching the original estimated lifespan, but the health of the pipe is based on many factors and many our pipes may have many more years before replacement is needed. Hearing gurgling in your pipes, slow drains, and clogs are all indications of pipe issues. Repair work might be as simple as running a snake or as complex as jetting to clean the pipe walls or replacement of pipe sections.

For those interested in understanding the health of their home plumbing system, Long's offered a community rate for having your lines inspected by camera. This allows you to see the inside of the entire length of your pipes, allowing you to better understand if your pipes are degraded. You can then make decisions on how to do maintenance repairs or if you need to consider replacement.

"As a special for the community, Long's corporation will camera your sewer line from an existing clean out for $250.00. If a cleanout is not available and we need to pull and reset a toilet, the cost is $350.00. We will leave you a thumb drive with a video of your sewer on completion." Contact them at 703-323-1776 or

Attached to the end of this newsletter is a copy of the information and special offer that Long’s provided to meeting attendees.


Recent Burglaries

Nate Anthony

There was a recent string of burglaries in the Fairfax and Arlington county areas that included our house. This particular burglar was caught. In dealing with investigators, we learned what helped catch the burglar and of some tips for homeowners.

This burglar was active in neighborhoods within walking distance to several Orange Line Metro stops. He was prepared to break into any house, bringing gloves and other items in preparation. He was looking for homes where it appeared that no one was in the house at the time. For at least two homes, he did enter and was confronted by an owner and the burglar ran away. This is part of what eventually got him caught. For example, he would look to see if there were no cars in the driveway, that lights were off, and other signs of no one being home. The other thing that got him caught was that we had numerous cameras that captured high quality video evidence of him trying to open gates, walking on our deck and around other areas of our yard. That allowed detectives to share pictures with different agencies like the metro authority and use face recognition technology. Locked doors and windows will not stop a determined burglar, though they first look for unlocked entry points. This burglar checked all doors and windows before kicking out a basement window to enter houses. Dogs don't typically stop a burglar unless they are large and aggressive. In one house, the burglar locked the dogs behind a baby gate.

What does help? Here is some advice from the Fairfax Detective.

· Always keep your home locked, even if  you are leaving for a short period of time. About 40% of burglars gain access to homes via an unlocked door or window, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

· If you have an alarm system, remember to arm it.  A loud alarm system that alerts neighborscan be a deterrent. He entered through the backyard of houses so he wouldn't be seen. Also have cameras, looking at different areas of your house.

· If you have cameras, take this opportunity to check that all cameras have batteries and are fully operational.

· Have cameras in different places. Burglars may bypass the front door, knowing that there is a camera and try an entry point on the back or side of the house where they are unlikely to be noticed.

If you are traveling for an extended period of time, confide in a trusted neighbor or keyholder to take in the mail and check on the house while you are away.  Never share your travel plans on social media.


Supervisor Highlights


Support our Shelter Pets

Across the country, shelters and rescues are overflowing with pets of all shapes and sizes. From dogs to rabbits and everything in between, the Fairfax County Animal Shelter is no exception.

If you are looking for a new pet family member, please consider adopting. In addition, some shelter pets do poorly in a shelter environment while waiting for their forever family. Please also consider fostering to provide the pets a temporary loving home and help them adjust to a family setting.

Volunteering is also a fantastic way to contribute. Whether you walk dogs, socialize with cats, or assist with events, your time and effort can positively impact these pets. You are also welcome to shop their wish list to donate supplies directly.


National Night Out

Registration for National Night Out 2024 is now open until July 26th. National Night Out is an annual neighborhood-based crime and drug prevention event. On Tuesday, August 6th between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm neighbors, friends, and families lock their doors, turn on outside lights and spend the evening outside together.



School is out for the summer! While this is an exciting time for relaxation and other fun seasonal activities, for many families there are still childcare concerns that need to be addressed. This time of year, many families shift childcare routines. With children no longer in school for much of the day, we may see more children left unattended, causing an unfortunate rise in child abuse and neglect during the summer months.

Fortunately, the County offers helpful resources for residents: check out our 6 Tips to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect This Summer to read about how you can spot child abuse and neglect and offer assistance to those in need. For children and families struggling with food insecurities, we suggest looking into the County’s Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). The Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services, Teens in Action, and Camp Fairfax programs are participating in SFSP and will be providing meals to enrolled children free of charge.

Extended childcare and summer camps offer relief to many families looking to keep their children supervised and occupied. However, space to register for many of these programs is limited and can be costly. Fairfax County’s Office for Children offers a Child Care Assistance and Referral (CCAR) program. The CCAR program provides resources and referrals to families about various center-based and family childcare programs located throughout the County. They also provide support to childcare programs and offer financial assistance for childcare to eligible Fairfax County families.


First Black/African American Historical Marker Submitted by Students Unveiled

Earlier this month the first Black/African American Historical Project marker dedicated to civil rights activist Lillian Blackwell was unveiled at Oakton High School.

In 2021, the Board of Supervisors initiated the Black/African American Historical Marker Project to help ensure a more comprehensive and inclusive telling of county’s diverse history. This is a joint project among the Board of Supervisors, Fairfax County Public Schools, History Commission, and Neighborhood and Community Services. The project aligns with the County's One Fairfax policy to intentionally consider equity when making policies or delivering programs and services.

To read more about the unveiling of the Lillian Blackwell historical marker, visit Black/African American Historical Marker Project Unveils First Marker Submitted by Students | News Center​​


Fairfax County Park Authority Notes

Food, Family and Fireworks 

Join our annual Fourth of July celebration at Lake Fairfax Park on Saturday, June 29 for daylong festivities good for all ages. Guests can start arriving at 10 a.m., and the fireworks will commence shortly after 9 p.m. The event is free for walkers and bikers. Parking fees are per vehicle — $15 beforehand or $20 at the gates (cash or credit). The park will close to any new arrivals at approximately 8:45 p.m. The Fireworks Event is provided in partnership with the Fairfax County Park Foundation. For more information about their support of Fairfax County's park system, visit Fairfax County Park Foundation


Life is a Picnic

Chances are there is a perfect location for your next party or gathering right in your neighborhood. Choose from first-come, first-served areas and reservable shelters, gazebos and canopies. Plan ahead as reservable areas are very popular. Check out the Picnic Locator to search locations and amenities and plan your picnic in the park. 

Gather the family (pets included), your sunscreen, some snacks, and your smiles this summer. Checkout time is negotiable as long as we don’t fall outside of evening park hours. Housekeeping is self-serve, so don’t forget to clean up after your stay to help us keep our parks clean for the next guests and the environment overall. We look forward to seeing you in Fairfax County Parks.


New resident / renter? Check out for important info, and welcome!


Submissions, photos, and ideas for articles are always welcome! Please send them to

The deadline for our next issue is July 25th, 2024.



President: vacant

1st Vice President: Iman Butler

2nd Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer: Frank Gallagher

Secretary: Rae Schoffstall

Director (1 Year): Nathan Anthony

Director (2 Year): Ken Quincy

Director (3 Year): Jo Ann Donnelly Director Web / Comms—vacant


Neighborhood Watch—vacant Membership Chair—Aric Campling Membership Collectors—Maryann Gallagher Island Care Chair—Jo Ann Donnelly Hospitality—Jo Ann Donnelly Independence Day Flags—Iman Butler

Editor, The Lantern—Aric Campling (interim)


You can contact the Webmaster at With comments, suggestions, and questions. Thank you!

Your Local, Friendly DLWCA Webmaster


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