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The Lantern May 2024

The Lantern

Dunn Loring Woods Civic Association May 2024


Spring Membership Meeting

Iman Butler

Our annual Spring Membership Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22, 2024, beginning at 7:30 pm and will take place at Stenwood Elementary. Also, for the May Membership Meeting, our guest speaker is from Long Plumbing to provide insight on our aging sewer and plumbing lines.

Please mark this date on your calendar and keep an eye on our website for confirmation and more details on location.


Avoid Planting Invasives This Spring

Nicole Donizetti

Spring is finally here! As DLWCA residents gear up for gardening/ landscaping this season, please be mindful of what you are planting. Many popular choices are invasive (such as English ivy,  privet and Rose of Sharon) and have easy native alternatives. Native plants won’t cause problems later, and they better support our local ecosystems. Here are a few fun swaps, courtesy of the Plant NoVA Natives and Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia websites:


Native alternative

Burning bush or Japanese barberry

Spicebush, black chokeberry, or Virginia sweetspire (amazing fall color)

Japanese honeysuckle

Lonicera sempervirens – native honeysuckle

Rose of Sharon

Downy Serviceberry

(beloved by hummingbirds!)


Any native viburnum, so many to choose from

English ivy

Any native groundcover is better than ivy – it cannot be controlled and kills our trees. 


Winterberry holly doesn’t get as massive as American holly and can be pruned as desired for a privacy hedge.


Even plants like azaleas have native versions. Try a pinxter or a swamp azalea to support butterflies like Eastern Tiger Swallowtails, they’re larval hosts for the species. Check out swamp roses for a hedge, or Blue Flag Iris. You’d be amazed at the discoveries that are only a Web search away. The websites referenced above are great starting points!​


Pothole Season

As we head into spring, potholes may develop or grow in our local roads. You can report potholes to VDOT through the link below, or by calling 1-800-FOR-ROAD (1-800-367-7623).


DLWCA Volunteer Opportunities

Iman Butler

The DLWCA Board is looking for a volunteers to serve as the board President, board Vice-President, and Board Director. If you would like to volunteer for one of these important roles, please reach out to vice president Iman Butler, at,

or to director Ken Quincy at

We are looking for a student to serve in the newly-created role of Director of Website and Communications for the DLWCA. Core responsibilities include maintaining the DLWCA website and editing and publishing our digital monthly newsletter to the website and to the DLW-Talk email list. This is an opportunity to help set our communications strategy, to better use social media platforms and communicate with our members.

The student should live in Dunn Loring Woods. If interested, please contact Vice President Iman Butler, or Treasurer  Frank Gallagher.

(You can look them up in your Directory or email for contact information.)

We still have volunteer openings for a Neighborhood Watch coordinator and a community Yard Sale coordinator. In addition, all volunteer teams can use your support. For more information about our volunteer teams, please refer to the back of your pink or blue membership drive forms, your Neighborhood Directory, or contact

The DLWCA Scholarship program is under review toward improving and streamlining the process.  It is anticipated the program will be renewed in the next school year. Any suggestions or comments re: the program would be welcome and can be sent to


Community Yard Sale

The Dunn Loring Woods community yard sale will take place on June 1st, to coincide with Stonewall Manor’s event.


Stuff The Truck To End Alzheimer’s

Michelle Alonso (SWM Neighbor)

On June 1st from 9am-1pm, a truck will be parked at 2515 Jackson Parkway. We will take any soft goods you have to donate. Please only soft goods this year.

Thank you!


Lantern Delivery Update

Joann Donnelly

Over the years we have had a wonderful little newsletter called The Lantern. The printed edition has come to an end, but you can now read the editions on line.

I would like to thank the faithful people who delivered The lantern to their neighbors. I could always count on you. Thank you for your service to your community.

Tiffany Chapa

Beverly Finnell

Grace Westreich

Maryann Gallagher

Ana Cainelli

Anya Piazza

Courtney Peksens

Darla Haney

Bill Burke

Becky Perez

Diane Ahlers

Rachael Thompson

Dorothy Mooney

Richard & Sharon Puckett

Jessica Brewer

Pat Stout

Zina Bielsker

Leon & Kathleen Rubis

Joel Greene

Ken Quincy


James Kepler

Allison King

Tanya Ratner

Inga & Ozzie Kümmer

Jim Milosavich


Supervisor Highlights

Diaper Drive

Did you know that diapers can cost up to $80/month per child? This significant expense forces families to make difficult choices between buying diapers and other essential household items.

I invite you to join in supporting our community and addressing diaper insecurity by donating any opened or unopened packages of diapers of any size. All collected diapers will be donated to Fairfax Diapers and Higher Horizons to help families in need. Your contribution can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our Fairfax families.

On the Road Together: Cyclist and Driver Safety Tips

As the warm weather of spring unfolds, cyclists are using our roads more frequently. It's important to ensure we prioritize safety for everyone, whether you're on two wheels or four. Some relevant tips to enhance road safety:

For cyclists:

·        Visibility is essential.

·        Stay predictable.

·        Signal clearly.

·        Protect your head.

·        Stay alert.

·        Be visible and predictable.

For drivers:

·        Respect the gap.

·        Check blind spots.

·        Be patient.

·        Stay vigilant.



Stenwood 60th Celebration

Zack Cannon

Calling All Alumni! Join Us for a Nostalgic Journey in Honor of Stenwood’s 60th Anniversary.

When: Friday, May 17, 2024

Time: 5:00-8:00pm

Where: Stenwood ES

Whether you roamed the halls in the early years or recently bid farewell, Stenwood would like to welcome back any and all alumni of the past six decades to revisit, reminisce, reconnect, and revel in the cherished memories of Stenwood Elementary.

Highlights of Stenwood’s 60th Anniversary Celebration:

Walk Down Memory Lane: Stroll through the halls of Stenwood and revisit how the school has transformed over the past six decades.

Meet other Stenwood Alumni: Reconnect with former classmates, teachers, and staff of Stenwood, and enjoy the company of past and current students.

Enjoy some Entertainment: Partake in music from the Coozies. Kids can also join in our Moon Bounce fun.

Relax with some Refreshments: Treat yourself to some light refreshments while swapping stories and reliving old memories. Food trucks will also be available to give families the option to purchase dinner and/or dessert.

Come and join the fun as we celebrate 60 years of memories and milestones!

RSVP to join the celebration!

Go to and document your connection with Stenwood.

Email if you have any questions.


New resident / renter? Check out for important info, and welcome!


Submissions, photos, and ideas for articles are always welcome! Please send them to

The deadline for our next issue is May 25th, 2024.



President: vacant

1st Vice President: Iman Butler

2nd Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer: Frank Gallagher

Secretary: Rae Schoffstall

Director (1 Year): Nathan Anthony

Director (2 Year): Ken Quincy

Director (3 Year): Jo Ann Donnelly Director Web / Comms—vacant


Neighborhood Watch—vacant Membership Chair—Aric Campling Membership Collectors—Maryann Gallagher Island Care Chair—Jo Ann Donnelly Hospitality—Jo Ann Donnelly Independence Day Flags—Iman Butler

Editor, The Lantern—Aric Campling (interim)


You can contact the Webmaster at With comments, suggestions, and questions. Thank you!

Your Local, Friendly DLWCA Webmaster

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